Boris refuses to rule out post-Christmas lockdown – PM outlines grim ‘reality’ for Britain | UK | News (Reports)


Boris Johnson would not confirm whether England will face another coronavirus lockdown after Christmas. The Prime Minister warned Brits to stick to the Covid rules during the festive season. It comes as Northern Ireland and Wales have announced they will lockdown after Christmas.

Speaking to BBC News, Mr Johnson said: “Obviously we’re hoping very much we will be able to avoid anything like that but the reality is the rates of infection have very much increased in the last few weeks.

“In the north west, they’ve done a fantastic job in bringing it down if you look at what people have done in Greater Manchester, really heroic efforts to get the disease under control.

“What we’re saying now over this Christmas period is think of those rules about the three households that you can bubble up with, the five days, that is very much a maximum that’s not a target.

“I think people really get this.

“All the evidence I’m seeing is people really understand this is the time to look after and think about our elderly.”

More to follow…


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