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Speaking on the BBC’s Question Time programme, which has recently returned to UK screens after the Parliamentary summer recess, Ms Hartley-Brewer expressed her concerns at returning to the British people after a Brexit deal is thrashed out with the EU.

The newspaper columnist and political commentator was responding to a question put to the panel by Janet Johnson, who asked whether the UK public should have a final say on the final Brexit deal.

She said: “I just think it is great that we are keeping up the EU tradition.

“When France voted the ‘wrong way’, they were told to vote again; when Ireland voted the ‘wrong way’, they were told to vote again; when Denmark voted the ‘wrong’ way, they were told to vote again.

“And, what a surprise, we voted the ‘wrong’ way and we are going to be told to vote again.

“At what point do the British politicians, the British establishment, accept the views of the British people?”

The media star insisted the public was being painted as “too ignorant, too stupid, too uneducated and too xenophobic” to know what they were doing when they voted to leave the EU.

She said: “Suddenly, we are going to have this moment of clarity when we will have all the information and then we will miraculously make the ‘right’ decision.

“If we don’t get a deal, it is because our ‘wonderful’ friends in the EU want to punish us for having a democratic vote.

“And if they want to punish us for having a democratic vote, why on earth would anyone want to remain in that club?”

Large numbers of the Question Time audience applauded her words as chair David Dimbleby pressed Ms Brewer on her comments.

The long-standing presenter of the BBC programme said: “Are you frightened about what people might think if they had a second referendum?

“Why can’t you trust the voters to have a second – or a third – referendum? Do you not trust the voters?”

But Ms Hartley-Brewer hit back, insisting she “absolutely” did trust the voters.

She said: “But you get the trust of voters back when you actually enact the decision they have made.

“This is not a ‘People’s Vote’ – this is a vote that is only wanted by people who lost, this is the loser’s vote.”

Prison Minister Rory Stewart argued the Brexit question was nuanced and both the UK and the EU had deeply entrenched common interests.

But in a fiery retort, Ms Hartley-Brewer said: “Name one compromise the EU has made. Name one, tiny compromise, one movement from Michel Barnier.”

She added: “They have not made a single movement.”



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