Brexit news: Britons have crucial chance to save and rebuild coastal areas | UK | News (Reports)


Political expert and professor Liam Campling said Britons could easily help boost coastal communities and the fishing industry once Brexit Britain has fully cut ties with the EU. During an interview with, Professor Campling argued more Britons should buy British fish and buy locally. He insisted this would result in more jobs and economic opportunities in coastal areas.

He added investment from the Government into these areas could also see local fishermen thrive after cutting ties with the EU – rather than just big fishing businesses succeeding from a break from the Brussels bloc.

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Professor Campling said: “If the UK were to shift to consume more locally caught product that would be a good thing environmentally.

“It would also be a good thing in terms of rebuilding coastal communities.

“In Britain, as in a lot of the world, are very poor.”

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Mr Campling explained what changes coastal communities could see and how they would benefit.

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He said: “Some investment there and having more of a thriving industry around the buying and selling of fish would be good.

“You could see procurement locally, small scale processing popping up until the British consumer is able to thrive on the types of species that live in our waters.”

Professor Campling highlighted details of the economic benefits that coastal communities could see if Britons changed their buying habits regarding fish.

“If it is just the big business it will be the usual story of some investment but it is not all going to be to the benefit of local communities.

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“We are coming back to the cities like anything else, I think that would be the main thing.”

Fishing has remained a key talking point in the current Brexit trade talks with the EU.

However, talks have reached a standstill regarding fishing rules and regulations as the EU continues to demand the same access to British fishing waters after the end of the transition period.


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