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The Alliance of British Entrepreneurs claims the situation has become so bad some Brexit-backing workers are being threatened with the sack.

Alliance founders Tom Bohills and Ed Harden told the Daily Telegraph the jobs of hard working Brexit supporters hang in the balance due to Theresa May’s controversial Chequers plan, with the pair adding, should the Prime Minister fail to deliver Brexit, employees have been warned they could get the boot as punishment.

Asked whether workers are happy to have their names published on the pair’s Brexit-backing website and a letter that goes out to other members, Mr Harden said a lot were “reluctant” to.

He said: “The ones that have signed are obviously happy to be named and they’re happy to put their names on our website to the signing of the letter but what’s really interesting is that we’e got about 120 so far have just said ‘whatever the wording we’re happy to support’. But there are probably another 200-300 primarily in financial advisor sort of service industries where they’re actually reluctant to sign up because they feel that the market or their customers will view them negatively.”

Mr Bohills then spoke of his own despicable experience of being threatened with the sack because he voted Leave.

He said: “Taking my own personal example, I won’t name companies here, but a certain institution I was doing some work for… on the day after the vote one of the senior individuals came around and said ‘Right hands up who voted Leave because you’re getting fired on the spot’ so there really is a huge ground swell of nastiness and toxicity towards Brexit and we’re trying to put a positive and optimistic spin on the opportunities it presents.”

Asked by interviewer, Christopher Hope, how Mr Bohills reacted, the Brexiteer continued: “I stuck my hand straight up in the air and said ‘are you really threatening the company’s lawyer with some kind of firing?’”

He then elaborate and said he did not lose his job, but called the act of threatening employees “menacing” nonetheless.

He said: “I think it was slightly menacing and I think a lot of people across our signatory base experience the same thing they feel very strongly about this issue, they do feel positive and they do feel that there are opportunities but they feel like there voice is being drowned out by insults.”

The interview comes after a challenging EU summit is Salzburg, which was attended by Mrs May yesterday.

The Prime Minister was given a brief five-minute slot to plead her case to EU members who she desperately wanted to back her Chequers proposal, which would keep Britain in Brussels’ single market and customs union.

But they refused, with some leaders warning the bloc now upped preparations for a no-deal scenario.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said: “I’m still optimistic we can come to a joint position later this year and the Chequers proposal in itself is helpful but its not the outcome.

“We have made more preparations for a no deal.”

Mrs May did gather support from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban however, who launched into a tirade and accused Brussels of “punishing” Britain for wanting out of the EU.



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