Brexit news: Rupert Lowe lashes out at ‘desperate’ EU fighting to fish in UK waters | UK | News (Reports)


Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier is currently in London to try and make a breakthrough in the current stalled Brexit talks. On Friday Michel Barnier announced that between 15 percent and 18 percent of the fish quota caught in UK waters by EU fleets could be given back to the UK to allow for a free trade agreement between Britain and the bloc. This proposal caused outrage amongst UK fishermen and Brexiteers.

Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe tweeted: “Proud to have been one of the last MEPs for the West Mids.

“Ex-Southampton FC Chairman and entrepreneur.

“Here’s a thought.

“If our fishing industry is so worthless, why are the Europeans so desperate to continue fishing in our waters?

On the same programme fisheries campaigner, June Mummery said: “Firstly, Mr Barnier may be able to wrap this Government around his little finger but I can tell you he cannot wrap the great British public around his little finger.

“Fishing is the most sustainable, renewable resource the UK has.

“What other country would give that away?

“Coastal communities, don’t they matter anymore?

“We are ready on January 1st to get out to sea, protect our ocean, kick out the flag-ships, kick out super-trawlers, and look after our ocean.”


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