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Britain can shine once more

Britain can shine once more (Image: Getty)

Throughout the 20th century, we were unrivalled innovators, from the discovery of penicillin to the invention of the jet engine. Today we have a golden opportunity to rekindle that spirit and reaffirm Britain’s place as a global powerhouse. This year, like most other countries, we have taken a battering from COVID-19, which has tested the resilience of the British people and wreaked havoc on our economy.

Yet out of the fire of adversity comes the chance of prosperity.

Far better times are just ahead and at the heart of this glittering prize lies the embrace of freedom.

For months, our society has been paralysed by the depressing cycle of lockdown and contagion.

For even longer, our economy has been held back by our membership of the European Union.

Our businesses have been hit by social distancing, our capacity to trade by Brussels bureaucracy.

coronvirus vaccine

Britain has played a part in a coronvirus vaccine (Image: PA)

But all that is about to change.

During the coming weeks, the shackles of COVID and EU control will be dramatically broken.

In a heroic double-whammy, both normality and independence will return to Britain, transforming our national landscape.

On the coronavirus front, the disease is already in retreat, with rates of death and infections falling.

In another welcome step, the national lockdown is replaced today by a more flexible, less onerous system of tiers.

But more importantly, December will see the start of the nationwide rollout of COVID vaccines, which will not only protect the public but also eradicate the virus.

Fittingly, Britain has played a leading role in the global race to find a vaccine, with the partnership of Oxford University and AstraZeneca at the forefront.

Just as inspiring is the prospect of regaining our national sovereignty from the EU at the beginning of 2021.

After decades of governance by an unaccountable, alien elite bent on the creation of the federal superstate and the destruction of our nationhood, we will be in charge of our own destiny once more.

With or without a deal from Brussels, we can have our own trade agreements, control our own borders, pass our own laws, and pursue our own economic policies.

This is a moment for profound optimism.

An enriching new chapter in our island story will shortly begin.

We stand on the threshold of exciting new times, when the commercial might of Britain is about to be supercharged once more.

The public can play its part in this advance by heeding the Daily Express’s Brilliantly British campaign, which should serve as rocket fuel for our economic resurgence.

Camelot is backing our campaign

Camelot is backing our campaign (Image: Daily Express)

There is no sense of sacrifice involved in such support.

On the contrary, as this paper will so magnificently highlight over the next fortnight, our country has many of the finest products in the world, from delicious drinks to fabulous fashion.

The entire campaign is a showcase for the wonderful talent, diversity and imaginativeness of our land.

With our new freedoms, the best is still to come.

In the call to Buy British, the noble ideal of patriotism is harnessed to our natural gift for enterprise.

As growth accelerates, we can all emerge as winners.


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