Britain sleepwalking into a cashless society – Warnings as notes and coins near end | UK | News (Reports)


He argues that during the pandemic it is more important than ever that people have the freedom to use cash.

Pointing to how people who cannot go to the shops during the lockdown gave cash to friends and neighbours to make essential purchases, he said: “Elderly, vulnerable, sheltering, shielding people did not wish to give their credit card or bank card details to a third party.”

He added that many people continue to want to use cash to pay tips and make donations to charities and churches.

According to the BRC, there are 10,000 fewer cash machines available than in 2017 and 3,000 fewer bank branches than in 2015.

Former transport minister Paul Maynard wants to see a range of measures in place to ensure Britain’s most vulnerable citizens do not lose out if cash becomes a thing of the past.


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