British Embassy Warsaw signs the Diversity Charter in Poland


On 30 October, British Embassy Warsaw joined the list of signatories of the Polish Diversity Charter (Karta Różnorodności) which is coordinated by the Responsible Business Forum. The Diversity Charter is a written commitment signed by organisations that commit to maintaining inclusion and diversity and equal treatment policies, as well as the active prevention of discrimination and, bullying and harassment in the workplace.

By signing the Diversity Charter, the British Embassy Warsaw undertakes to implement diversity and inclusion policies, and to promote and disseminate them among all of its stakeholders. This includes:

  • Creating a corporate culture that ensures respect for diversity
  • Introducing institutional solutions to promote development of equal treatment at work
  • Appointing a team to coordinate efforts to combat discrimination at work
  • Developing diversity policies , with special emphasis on recruitment, training, promotion and remuneration, and work-life balance – all in dialogue with Embassy staff
  • Introducing mechanisms to monitor and counter discrimination

Ambassador Anna Clunes said:

The UK is committed to being a force for good in the world, through a foreign policy which consciously and consistently delivers for everyone in society. To be the best it can possibly be, the British Embassy Warsaw needs the skills of a truly diverse workforce. We must make the most of our talent and ensure every member of staff achieves their full potential. That is why we are committed to embedding diversity and inclusion into every part of our work. Signing the Diversity Charter is a reminder of the commitment we make to our employees.

Read the full text of the Diversity Charter.

Published 30 October 2020


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