Camilla defended over hurtful ‘other woman’ claims ‘Stop painting Camilla as the villain!’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Brittani Barger said Prince Charles’ second wife should not be painted in the public eye as the “other woman” after 15 years of service in the Royal Family. She said it was important to remember it was the Firm who “would not allow“ Prince Charles and Camilla to be together, which subsequently saw the future King marry Diana Spencer.

The Prince of Wales met Camilla in the 1970s but the pair did not go on to tie the knot until 2005, a move that signalled her acceptance into the Royal Family.

In the years that have gone past, Camilla has received intense scrutiny over her affair with Prince Charles when he was married to Princess Diana, the late mother of his two sons, Prince William and Harry.

Writing for Royal Central, Ms Barger said: “For decades, many have painted the Duchess of Cornwall as a villain cast opposite of Diana’s hero. It is past time for that narrative to stop.

“We see her as the other woman, running around with the Prince of Wales while he was married to Diana.

“It is important to remember that these two loved each other from the beginning, and it was the Royal Family who would not allow them to be together.

“If they had had it their way, they would have been married to each other from the beginning.

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Camilla then ended up marrying Andrew in 1973 and went on to have two children together, Laura and Tom Parker-Bowles.

After Diana’s death, Camilla and Charles brought their relationship out in the open, with the pair attending a hunt with Princes William and Harry.

However, the pair were careful to keep their relationship under wraps.

And in 2004, both William and Harry were told Camilla was to become their stepmother.

Charles, 72, finally married Camilla in 2005, in a low key ceremony at Windsor Guildhall and the duchess was given an engagement ring that once belonged to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The Queen and Prince Philip, as well as Camilla’s parents, did not attend the wedding, supposedly because the couple had both previously been married.

However, they did attend the service of prayer and dedication that followed, led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

At a ceremony later that day, the Queen spoke to say she was happy in the knowledge that her son was “home and dry with the woman he loves”.

Camilla has cemented her place in the Royal Family in recent years and the Queen even elevated her to the Privy Council in June 2016.

The Queen’s promotion of the Duchess of Cornwall was seen by many as possible signal that her son and heir intends to make her Queen Camilla.


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