Camilla forced to give up party-loving life to meet Royal Family demands | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duchess of Cornwall was known in palace circles as being a “party girl” when she first met Prince Charles. According go the Channel 5 documentary, Before they were royal, Camilla has a “raucous past” that did not go unnoticed years later when entered the Royal Family. Royal expert Tom Quinn she “loved partying” in the mid-60s.

He said: “She was famously a party girl in the mid-60s.

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“She might go to three parties a night, five days a week.

“She absolutely loved partying.”

Narrator Glynis Barber continued: “This fun-loving, vivacious Camilla caught the eye of many of her peers.”

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A royal commentator added: “She was not without her admirers.

“She looked very nice, she was always beautifully turned out and she had a personality.

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“She had things to say for herself, she was talkative.

“If you sat next to her at a dinner party, you were delighted because you knew you would have a good conversation.”

The pair rekindled their romance in the mid-1990s as Charles’ turbulent marriage to Princess Diana came to an end.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed that the Queen would not allow Camilla’s name to be spoken around her.

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Speaking on Channel 5 documentary ‘The Royals at War’, Ms Nicholl said: “The Queen did everything she possibly could not to have Camilla’s name mentioned in her presence.

“And if the Queen was to refer to Camilla, I don’t even think it was by name.”

Royal expert Penny Junor added: “Camilla’s reputation at that time had gone through the floor. She was seen as a marriage-wrecker.”


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