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On Monday, October 12 Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a long-awaited announcement about England’s lockdown strategy. Areas in England will now be divided into lockdown tiers, with the strongest restrictions issued for Tier 3 areas considered ‘very high’ risk. Tier 2 areas are considered ‘high’ risk, and will be subject to other restrictions in addition to the England-wide Tier 1 restrictions.

Can you still go to the pub in Tier 2 areas?

In England Tier 2 restrictions are in place for many areas, especially in the North East and North West.

When measures come into force on Wednesday, October 14, rules will prevent people meeting indoors with people outside their households in these areas.

Pubs are currently subject to additional restrictions across England, across all tiers.

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Pubs and other hospitality businesses must be closed between 10pm and 5am every night.

In Tier 2 areas pubs and bars are still allowed to open, subject to COVID-secure guidelines.

However you cannot meet with people outside your household in Tier 2 areas in any indoor settings – including pubs.

So if you want to visit a pub in a Tier 2 area, you can only attend with members of your own household or support bubble – or sit outside.

Currently the only region in England under Tier 3 restrictions is Liverpool City.

But further areas may be added to Tier 3 if coronavirus cases continue to rise, prompting concern for how measures will affect the future of pubs and bars in England.

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), a lobby group for brewers and pubs, said around 970 pubs would be affected by Mr Johnson’s announcement on Monday.

BBPA CEO Emma McClarkin said: “Singling out pubs for closure and further restrictions is simply the wrong decision and grossly unfair.

“If the government is really going to go ahead and force much of our sector to close, then a far stronger financial package of support is going to be needed.”


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