Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Kazakhstan: Kathy Leach


Ms Kathy Leach has been appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Kazakhstan in succession to Mr Michael Gifford who will be retiring from the Diplomatic Service. Ms Leach will take up her appointment during late summer 2021.

Curriculum vitae

Full name: Kathy Leach

Married to: Jonathan Aves

Children: three

Dates Role
2020 to present Full-time Language Training (Russian/Kazakh)
2019 to 2020 FCDO, Deputy Director, Constitution and Devolution, Europe Directorate
2015 to 2018 FCO, Head then Deputy Director, Policy Unit, Strategy Directorate
2012 to 2015 Yerevan, Her Majesty’s Ambassador
2011 Full-time Language Training (Russian/Armenian)
2007 to 2011 Tokyo, Head – Energy and Environment Team
2005 to 2007 Full-time Language Training (Japanese)
2005 Deputy Head, Passport and Documentary Services, Consular
2003 to 2004 Moscow, First Secretary – Human Rights and the Regions
2001 to 2002 Moscow, First Secretary – Security Policy
2000 to 2001 FCO, Desk Officer – EU Trade and Development policy, Europe Directorate

Published 17 December 2020


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