China news: Amazon removes coronavirus Halloween costumes from sale after outrage | UK | News (Reports)


The latex costumes, which resemble the COVID-19 virus with eyes and sharp teeth added onto the front, are designed to be worn over the head. The international sellers praise the mask designs in the product descriptions, with one saying the costume would “attract people’s attention”.

Some are being sold for up to £30, though others are much cheaper at around half the price.

An Amazon representative told MailOnline: “These products are being removed.”

Rachel Power, head of healthcare charity The Patients Association, said many would find the costumes “hugely distasteful”.

She told : “These masks show a terrible lapse of judgement by the manufacturers and sellers, and I hope they will be removed from sale quickly.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced stricter coronavirus restrictions across the UK which ban gatherings of more than six people, with some limited exceptions.

He said the new rules could last up to six months, in which case annual celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas will be affected.

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Officials in the state of Illinois said yesterday anyone planning to celebrate the occasion should do so at home and speak to others in “virtual gatherings”.

Dr Ngozi Ezike, director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, said yesterday: “That said, IDPH recognizes that some who will choose to gather together anyway, and instead of denying that reality, we are issuing guidance and recommendations for safer ways to celebrate together in person.”

The Department warned face coverings – the same type one would wear on public transport or in a shop – should also been worn underneath a Halloween costume mask, according to CNBC.

It added the costume mask should be removed if this causes any issues with breathing.

It is still uncertain whether restrictions will affect Christmas. In September, Boris Johnson said it was “too early to say” whether big parties could be held to celebrate the festive season.

For multiple households of big families, current restrictions would prevent gatherings from taking place.

The rules would also affect gatherings outside of the home as well, including Christmas parties, according to analysts. Guest lists would have to be very limited, as parties should not arrive at venues such as pubs in numbers greater than six.

7,108 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the UK yesterday, according to the most recent government figures, bringing the total to 453,264.

Of this, 138,362 people have been admitted to hospital, the government added.


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