Civil/crime news: rollout of secure file exchange wins praise


Secure file exchange has won praise from providers using the online platform which is now available for a range of crime and civil billing work.

Providers especially like the speedier turnarounds and money-saving aspects of secure file exchange. Typical survey responses include:

It saved time as our bill was looked at straight away

Our documents were safe and reviewed more quickly

This is a much easier way of getting electronic evidence assessed

You can find out more about the survey below.

What is secure file exchange?

The platform allows for the secure submission of large files, discs or USB sticks through the platform instead of post or email.

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The scope of the online tool has widened significantly in recent months.

Who is using it now?

Providers are now able to upload files and evidence in support of the following billing areas:

  1. Advocates Graduated Fee Scheme

  2. Litigators Graduated Fee Scheme

  3. Criminal Cases Unit – special preparation

  4. Criminal finance – CRM18 and 18A claims

  5. Mental health escape cases

  6. Immigration and asylum escape cases

  7. Civil escape cases

  8. Exceptional case contract

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Survey responses

Our survey went out over the summer to multiple users.

Provider praise included:

  • faster assessment returns

  • more environmentally friendly

  • saving time and money on DX and postage

Providers also made some suggestions about clarifying and extending GOV.UK guidance which we have acted on by reviewing the secure file exchange resources.

Some of the other issues flagged by providers are addressed in our online resources:

  1. Browsers – use the recommended browsers in our guidance to avoid the system running slowly.

  2. Remember to log out of Galaxkey after the end of each session to avoid system issues.

  3. Scope of secure file exchange – we are committed to further improvements and considering alternative solutions where necessary e.g. potential options around CRM7 non-standard fees.

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How do I register?

Guidance on how to register and access support is available on our secure file exchange page on GOV.UK.

Further information

Secure file exchange – for guidance and advice on the platform

[email protected] – to email your questions


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