Civil news: means, merits and billing update for CCMS users


Providers carrying out means, merits and billing work will benefit from new features in the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS), which has now been released.

The styling changes mean navigation and presentation will look visually different with the aim of making the system easier for assessment work in CCMS.

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What is different?

Among changes users will notice are:

  • back and next buttons placed more intuitively
  • partially completed assessments can be restarted where you were last working

The ability to restart partially completed assessments applies when ‘proceedings and costs’ or ‘opponents and other parties’ are unchanged.

Remember also that you have the option of revisiting your answers to completed questions before completing the assessment. This is explained in a new Quick Guide available on Legal Aid Learning.

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Is the content changing?

The aim of these styling changes is to improve the user experience. Content and questions remain the same since the software update was released.

Further information

Download our Quick Guide on CCMS means and merits assessments and billing new look and feel

For more training resources visit Legal Aid Learning

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Published 14 January 2021


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