Coronavirus lockdown: R-rate drops below 1 whole WEEK before impact should kick in | UK | News (Reports)


According to King’s College London’s Zoe study, the R-rate has now fallen to 0.9 across the four nations. 

Although this data is up to date as of this week, it would still not take into account the lockdown which was imposed in England last week. 

Therefore, once the impacts of the lockdown are implemented, the R-rate could be even lower than 0.9. 

Professor Tim Spector from King’s College said: “Todays ZOE app data shows rates of new disease falling slowly below 36k with R of 0.9 in all nations but midlands getting worse.

“We expect long lag before deaths drop.

“Need to be wary of disease moving from population to hospital and care homes as happened in late spring.”

The Zoe app gathers reported symptoms by users along with personal health and demographic information. 

While the app estimates the infection rate at 0.9, the UK Government estimates the R-rate between 1.1-1.3. 

Experts have used the R-rate as a crucial barometer to gauge the UK’s battle against the coronavirus. 

The R-rate states the number of secondhand infection across the country and needs to be below one to control the virus.

As of today, the app has also reported an estimated 35,963 cases in the UK. 

More to follow…


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