Coronavirus news: COVID-19 vaccine being produced quickly without ‘cutting corners’ -VIDEO | UK | News (Reports)


Dr Samantha Vanderslott told LBC the messaging surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine needs to be clear from the UK Government to build trust amongst the public. She added that many vaccines are being manufactured at risk in order to speed up the production process. 

Dr Vanderslott said: “The vaccine is new and people are not understanding the process that goes into developing a vaccine.

“Also, the fact it is at a faster speed than would normally happen.

“So the messaging needs to be really clear that no corners are being cut.

“What has happened with a lot of the vaccines in development in that they are being manufactured at risk.

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“Normally you would pay for doses of the vaccine to be made once you know it definitely works.

“But what we are seeing for the vaccines being developed for COVID-19 is that they are being made before we know they work.

“So that is one way of speeding up the process.”

She added: “Also the regulatory bodies that will oversee these vaccines being developed, they are working very quickly.

“There was an injection side pain that lasted about two or three days.

“The second dose I had a similar response.

“I did take an anti-body test after that second dose and I do have anti-bodies now.

“I have been tested for coronavirus multiple times and have always been negative.”

He added: “I am two months after the last dose and I am as good as over, and I don’t have the coronavirus.”


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