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Nic from Cheltenham, who was diagnosed with coronavirus in June, revealed she has been experiencing symptoms since Christmas last year – but despite this, she is not eligible to receive any benefits to support her. The LBC caller said the Chancellor has not “given her a penny” and that as a result, she is selling her house.     

Nic said: “I’ve got sick notes going back to the January 2nd and I’m not eligible for any benefit at all.

“I can hardly walk and I can’t pick up a coffee cup without smashing it.

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“I can’t do a bra strap up, I can’t brush my teeth, and yet I’m not eligible for anything.”

She added: 

“I used to work in the City in investment banking and finance for 30 years.

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“I ran three companies of my own. I’ve never been able to have children but I’ve given money to charity and supported my own father and my brother and paid every tax and done every self-assessment.

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“And Rishi has given me not a penny, and I’m selling my house because of it.”

Nic also stated she was 99 percent sure she was infected with coronavirus in December 2019, adding that “Christmas day was when my first symptom appeared”.

She told LBC: “I was at London Gatwick Airport on December 22nd when seven plane flights came in from Wuhan that day.

Earlier today, Dr Chris Steele shared his advice on the best way to nurse yourself back to health following a coronavirus infection.

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Symptoms, such as fatigue, may linger on following a COVID infection, for a really long time.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Dr Chris addressed the “long Covid” symptoms younger people are encountering.

The doctor explained fatigue can be “quite debilitating” and that it can “drag on for a few months”.

Anybody suffering from post-viral fatigue is urged by Dr Chris “to rest” – “you’ve got to rest,” he said. has contacted the Treasury for comment.


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