Coronavirus news: UK ‘leading the way’ in race for Covid vaccine before Christmas | UK | News (Reports)


Dr Ellie Cannon spoke on the Jeremy Vine Show and praised the efforts being made in the UK in the fight against coronavirus. She added that she was part of the trials for the Oxford coronavirus vaccine and was given a dosage in June. She also said the UK was leading the way and may be on its way to providing a coronavirus vaccine for people before Christmas.

Dr Cannon said: “I am one of the Oxford vaccine guinea pigs.

“I could have already potentially had the vaccination myself as I was vaccinated in June.

“It is very exciting and I think we are very quick to criticise what has happened in the UK throughout coronavirus and the pandemic.

“But one thing we can be absolutely proud of is all the medical research and scientific research that has come out from the UK.”

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Dr Cannon highlighted the many ways Britain has been contributing to the fight against coronavirus.

She said: “This includes the Oxford vaccine trial or the recovery trial or the discovery of dexamethasone.

“With all of these things, we really are leading the way so let us hope we can start vaccinating people before Christmas.”

Dr Cannon also revealed how she felt the pandemic would come to a close and the efforts needed to see that happen.

She closed by highlighting some issues she has with claims that a viable strategy against the virus is suppression.

She said: “I have never really agreed with this notion that we have to suppress the virus until the vaccine comes.

“There are going to be lots of answers gathered together.”


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