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The Prime Minister announced his new three-tier coronavirus alert system on Monday, after rejecting recommendations from his scientific advisers for a tougher nationwide lockdown. The local lockdown system will see areas of England divided into categories labelled as medium, high or very high risk. Liverpool will be placed in the top-tier from Wednesday – which will see pubs and bars closed as well as a ban on households mixing.

The latest measures have divided experts and MPs for going too far, while equally being criticised for not going far enough.

In the wake of the latest guidelines, more than 3,000 readers were asked what system they would prefer in the battle against coronavirus.

The options given were Boris’s three tier system, a full national lockdown, or no Government interventions.

The survey of 3,110 readers, conducted on Tuesday October 13 between 10.31am and 9pm, found almost half supported no Government measures.

The results showed 43 percent (1,259) of people were in favour of no Government intervention.

A third of readers, 33 percent (1,041) supported the three-tier system announced yesterday.

Just, 22 percent (749) of participants wanted another nationwide lockdown.

Meanwhile, two percent (61) remained unsure and said they did not know.

A number of readers let their feelings known in the comments section.

One user said: “SAGE’s advice to date has been worse than useless. We have a trashed economy and a virus that shows no sign of abating or going away.”

A second reader wrote: “No government interference is the best. We can look after the vulnerable whilst getting the country up and running again.

“Government involvement is why we are in a mess at the moment.”

A third commented: “Wash your hands often, wear a face mask/cover and keep your distance, that’s all you need to do.”

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It comes as details emerged from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) who suggested a two-to-three week “circuit-break” national lockdown.

The Sage document from September 21 warned a package of interventions was needed to reverse an “exponential” rise in COVID-19 cases.

On Tuesday evening, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called on the Prime Minister to impose the short “circuit-breaker” lockdown across England.

Sir Keir said a two to three-week national lockdown over half term was needed to improve test and trace and prevent a “sleepwalk into a long and bleak winter”.

He added: “There’s no longer time to give the Prime Minister the benefit of the doubt. The Government’s plan simply isn’t working. Another course is needed.”


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