Coronavirus vaccine to be administered ‘around the clock’ as UK ramps up jab programme | UK | News (Reports)


Nick Dixon told GMB viewers that there is a “strong possibility” vaccination will be offered 24 hours a day at the seven major vaccine centres in England. Mr Dixon added that coronavirus vaccines are currently being offered from 8am to 8pm at the seven centres. Matt Hancock on Monday claimed there is “no clamour” for jabs to be rolled out past 8pm but did not rule out plans for the extension of administration hours.

Mr Dixon said regarding the possibility of around the clock vaccinations: “It is a strong possibility at some point in the future.

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“I think the feeling from Downing Street is that currently there is not the demand there.

“They are open from 8am to 8pm and they feel that is enough.

“It may be a capacity issue at this stage, it is only day 2 for these vaccinations centres.”

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He added: “The Government feels confident it is on track to meet that target of offering 15 million jabs by mid-February.”

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Good Morning Britain also spoke to three people that had queued up at the vaccine centre in Stevenage.

One woman said: “I am very lucky as it is the first day it has been open so I feel very lucky to be here.”

A man told GMB: “The queuing and the organisation is not very good, I am 40 minutes behind and it is very cold.”

Mr Marr said: “The inventor of the Pfizer vaccine has said that you had to vaccinate everybody by the autumn.

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“Are you going to be able to do that?”

Mr Hancock replied: “Every adult will be offered a vaccine by the autumn, absolutely.”

He added: “Absolutely we are going to offer the vaccine to everybody, we have got over 350 million doses on order, they are not all here yet but we are rolling them out as fast as they are delivered.”


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