Coventry golf course to remove holes after ‘inconsiderate’ lockdown rule breakers | UK | News (Reports)


The council has decided to fill the holes at Allesley Park’s golf course after residents complained that people were continuing to play. Golf courses have been closed under lockdown rules since January 4 in a bid to stop the spread of Covid.

One resident said golfers are playing at Allesley Park “every day” as they “feel safe to chance it due to low patrol coverage.”

They told CoventryLive: “Golfers have got that cocky that they are now taking their golf bags around with them rather than a couple of clubs.

“People’s inconsiderate attitude to others during lockdown is on show here.”

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A spokesman for Coventry City Council said: “Throughout the pandemic our parks and open spaces have remained open, providing a valuable contribution to physical and mental wellbeing for local people.

“In response to Government guidelines, the golf course at Allesley Park has been closed. However, a very small number of people have been attempting to use it. To assist in preventing this, we will be temporarily removing the green holes. These will be put back once golf courses are able to open again.

“Our parks team and Covid advisors are also on site to remind park visitors about the importance of following the rules and complying with all guidance.

Representatives put forward evidence golf is a “naturally socially distanced sport” and argued it is safe to play “in the open-air and with Covid-secure rules.”

The organisation added the sport is no different from other exempted activities.

England Golf said: “The facts and figures to support the mental and physical benefits that golf offers participants during a period of lockdown and isolation have been laid out in some detail.

“Golf is no different to walking, running and cycling and in fact can be regulated in a far more secure way than many activities currently allowed to take part in our parks and open recreation spaces where there are no ways to control numbers of participants.”


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