Crime news: register for ‘Common Platform’ early adopter rollout


Common Platform has begun rolling out to a series of early adopter courts across England and Wales and providers need to register for accounts.

Why is it important to register?

You need to register to access the new ways of working for defence solicitors and barristers in early adopter courts. Your account will allow you to:

  • link yourself to a case/defendant so the Legal Aid Agency is informed for payment purposes

  • self-serve case materials, including the ‘initial details of the prosecution case’ (IDPC) and the preparation for effective trial (PET) form in the magistrates’ court

  • serve documents on the court for common platform cases in the magistrates’ court

Where are the early adopter courts?

These are the courts which will test the system before it is gradually expanded across England and Wales:

  1. Derby Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court

  2. Bristol Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court

  3. North Tyneside, Mid and South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Courts, and Newcastle Crown Court

  4. Warrington Magistrates’ Court and Chester Crown Court

  5. Guildford Magistrates’ Court/Staines Magistrates’ Court and Guildford Crown Court

  6. Croydon Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court

  7. Llanelli Magistrates’ Court and Swansea Crown Court

Why is this happening now?

Rollout in early adopter courts is the latest phase in work on the Common Platform digital case management system owned by HMCTS.

The common platform allows users to access and share case information in a secure and user-friendly way.

Rollout will transform the handling of criminal cases for providers, the LAA and our justice partners. These include HMCTS, the Crown Prosecution Service, and the judiciary.

Once live, the system can be used in both magistrates’ and Crown Court settings.

Further information

HMCTS Common Platform account registration for defence professionals

Published 12 November 2020


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