Door supervisor with illegal home-made ‘licence’ sentenced to curfew


Ronald Gleave, 36, of Cheyney Walk, Crewe, was sentenced at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on 22 September. He had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to charges of fraud and working without a licence.

The court heard that our Security Industry Authority (SIA) investigations officer found Gleave working as a door supervisor at Crewe’s Brunswick Hotel in September 2019. He was wearing an armband displaying a piece of paper with the words ‘Door Supervisor’, a 16-digit number, and an ‘expiry date’ of 23 March 2023.

On further investigation, we discovered that Gleave had taped his home-made licence to his own genuine door supervisor’s licence, which expired on the same date in 2014. The hotel’s signing-in books showed that Gleave had worked illegally on seventeen separate occasions whilst unlicensed.

The court, who took into account Gleave’s low income, imposed a three-month nightly curfew. He must be at home from 2130 on weekdays and from 1900 at weekends. He is required to stay in his house until eight in the morning every day. He must also pay £1000 in prosecution costs.

Nathan Salmon, of our Criminal Investigation Team, said:

SIA inspections are undertaken either to test compliance, or are led by intelligence we receive. Ronald Gleave took a foolish risk by making his own licence. Impersonating a properly-licensed security operative is a serious offence. His fraudulent actions have proved to be both expensive, and fatal to his career in security. The three-month restriction to his freedoms imposed by the court will undoubtedly lead him to regret his deception. The public expect all security officers to be trained and licensed in accordance with the law. We as the regulator work hard to fulfil that expectation.

Further information:

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