Drivers could be hit with penalty points and fine £1,000 for these number plates | UK | News (Reports)


Conservative MP Andrew Griffith wants drivers and motorcyclists who have an obstructed number plate or none at all to be given there penalty points in addition to the existing £100 fixed penalty notice. He will this week introduce his own Bill as part of his campaign for tougher action.

The newly elected Arundel and South Downs MP – who was once one of the most senior boardroom figures at Sky – is attempting to secure a change in the law in the wake of a crackdown by Sussex Police on antisocial motorists.

Hopes of securing a prosecution can be dashed if a number plate does not show up on the camera. The penalty for driving without a proper number plate can go up to £1,000 if the case is taken to court, but Mr Griffith believes the threat of penalty points being added to a licence will change behaviour.

He said: “I hope that the [Bill] which I intend to present to the House of Commons will gain the support of Government and close a loophole in the law. A small minority of motorcyclists and drivers who speed or use our roads in an antisocial manner currently view illegal plates as a cost effective solution to avoid punishment.

“Penalty points on driving licences leading directly to higher insurance premiums and loss of licence would be a much stronger deterrent.”

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras have become a major tool in crime-fighting. It was reported that during 2018 10.1billion scans were taken, with £472million raised from 6.96 million penalty tickets.

The Bill would also crack down on the use of so-called “show plates” which often feature flamboyant fonts or non-reflective materials and are not supposed to be used on public roads.


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