Meghan Markle and Prince Harry warned they risk ‘alienating’ people in global dreams | Royal | News (Reports)


Meghan and Prince Harry are yet to unveil their charitable platform and haven’t fully launched their post-royal careers due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, experts have already detected a pattern in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s public behaviour which could suggest the business strategy Meghan and Harry want to embrace. 

Brand and reputation management expert Eric Schiffer believes Meghan and Harry are carving out the audience they want to reflect their beliefs rather than trying to appeal to everyone.

However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been warned the move could lead to alienating a large groups of potential fans – especially in the US, where Meghan’s speeches focused on voter registrations have been perceived by many as a silent show of support to Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

Although, Mr Schiffer noted that missing out on the support of large groups – such as 42 percent of people believed to be Trump supporters in the US – may not be detrimental to Meghan and Harry’s future profit.

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In fact, the pair may be aiming to launch a global brand, the expert said. 

The multi-year deal with Netflix they announced in September, which will see Meghan and Harry producing content not just for the American public, may be a clue the couple are pursuing this worldwide strategy.

Mr Schiffer told “They are alienating a good chunk of America for no reason other than aligning with some of their brand elements.

“Now there is another strategy here that you can consider.

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“Much of the globe are not Trump fans.

“Meghan and Harry are now global entertainment creators, and this Netflix deal is not for US distribution, it’s for global distribution.

“So there is an argument that they are working on a global landscape, not just an American landscape.”


While Mr Schiffer said it is “unwise” for a brand to alienate groups of potential fans and customers, he noted many companies have been taking public stances to show a more humane and principled nature and appeal to certain groups rather than everyone around the world.

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Referring to Meghan and Harry’s decision to speak about the upcoming vote in the US, Mr Schiffer had previously told the couple were making points which “don’t sit well with Americans who are Trump fans”.

He said: “That is like asking for a war with a part of America at a time when they want to build their brand and create a level of interest as producers and as entertainment creators.

“There is no logic to create a partnership brand by in essence attacking the President and suggesting that people need to vote so that there is a reduction in hateful speech. 

“That’s a dog whistle to anyone that says ‘get Republicans out’.”

Meghan and Harry haven’t openly backed any of the candidate running for the White House.

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However, Meghan’s recent interventions on voter suppression and voter registration, her decision to hail the upcoming election as “the most important of our lifetime” and her past remarks on Donald Trump have led many to think the Sussexes were targeting a pro-Biden demographic. 

Over the past few months, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have focused their attention on issues not linked to a specific country such as the Black Lives Matter movement, racial equality, social media platforms and the possible impact they could be having on people.

Together, Meghan and Harry marked the beginning of Black History Month in the UK by sharing their list of BHM NextGen Trailblazers.

On Saturday, the pair appeared on the Teenager Therapy podcast to mark World Mental Health Day as well as speak about how online negativity can impact real life.

Yesterday, Meghan spoke again about the digital world, drawing a powerful comparison between drug users and people on social media platforms.   


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