Emmanual Macron accused of playing dangerous game by closing borders for ‘bad Brexit deal’ | UK | News (Reports)


When asked why France closed the border, 95 percent of those who voted said yes to the conclusion that Mr Macron was trying to force the UK into a deal more suitable for the EU. Only four percent of those who voted thought that this was not the case. Those who said they “don’t know” came in at one percent.

France closed its border with the UK to try and stop the news strain of coronavirus from spreading to the continent.

But the decision also coincides with the last days before the UK is set to leave the EU.

Many Brexiteers have then concluded that Emmanuel Macron cynically decided to close the border to force the UK into a “bad Brexit deal”.

One Express.co.uk reader came up with a solution to the situation saying, “Heathrow does not need a third runway, of the two, one should be for freight only and Gatwick should be 50 percent freight.

“This would cut a fair amount of Channel traffic.”

Another Express reader said: “It also really annoys me when Boris keeps referring to the French and the EU as our friends, with friends like them who needs enemies?”

Another said: “How can you expect to do a deal with people like him, do you really think the French would stick to any part of an agreement.

“It’s a dangerous game he’s playing.”

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“The important thing is that businesses continue to prepare, that individuals are prepared.”

The number of voters who said yes came in at 6,996.

Those who said they don’t know numbered 65.

The voters who said no numbered 282.

The total number of those who voted was 7,343.

The vote ran from 2.51 pm on December 21 to 10.50 pm on the same day.


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