Extinction Rebellion protests to continue after 90 arrests and attack on emergency worker | UK | News (Reports)


In at least one arrest an emergency worker was assaulted while others were due to public order offences, police said. Police on Monday warned of “serious disruption” to local businesses and commuters caused by yesterday’s protests.

London police Commander Jane Connors also said protesters faced arrest if they did not comply with conditions set out by police to allow the demonstration to take place.

These conditions included orders on where the demonstration was allowed to go, and banned the use of vehicles.

However, protesters ended up being arrested for sitting across the road and blocking traffic.

One of the people arrested was 92-year-old protester John Lynes. Footage posted to Twitter appears to show him being gently led into a police van by several officers.

Similar conditions have been set out by police for today’s assembly, which, in London, has been restricted to Parliament Square Gardens.

Police again said they had imposed the conditions because they believe the assembly could “result in serious disruption to the life of the community.”

In Manchester, protesters have been warned to consider the rise in coronavirus cases in the area.

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Another said: “Of course we’re in the middle of a pandemic but we’re balancing the risk – this is the biggest issue facing us.”

Extinction Rebellion made headlines last year after parking a pink boat in the centre of Oxford Circus for five days in April.

In a statement announcing this week’s protests, Extinction Rebellion said: “The government is failing to do what’s necessary to keep people safe. We are here, taking action, because their criminal negligence is putting lives at risk.

“They must not be allowed to carry on like this. We have an opportunity to turn this sinking ship around but we must act now, not next year, not in ten years. Now.

The demonstrations are due to go on for ten days in total.

Extinction Rebellion has said the demonstrations are to put pressure on MPs to back the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

Last year’s Extinction Rebellion protests saw over 1,700 people arrested in what was called the “Autumn Uprising.”

One protester, a former Paralympian, was arrested after climbing on top of a British Airways plane at London City Airport.


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