Frank Giaccio gets lawn-mowing gig at White House

Frank Giaccio gets lawn-mowing gig at White House
Frank Giaccio gets lawn-mowing gig at White House

Frank Giaccio is an 11-year-old boy from Falls Church, Virginia who wrote the president a letter asking if he could mow the White House lawn.

An 11-year-old boy in khaki shorts and a red polo shirt got the lawn-mowing gig of a lifetime on Friday when US President Donald Trump put him to work in the Rose Garden.

Frank Giaccio, who goes by the initials FX, was so focused on doing his job that he did not even notice when Mr Trump emerged from the White House to check his work.

FX, who lives in the Washington suburb of Falls Church, Virginia, kept on pushing the mower in a long, straight row as Mr Trump walked alongside him.

When the boy finally paused, the president called him the “future of the country right here” and asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.

“A Navy seal!” Mr Trump exclaimed. “Well, he’ll make it.”

Standing with FX and his father, Mr Trump added: “We’ll bring them into the Oval Office. Maybe he’ll be president.”

The White House said FX had written to Mr Trump to say he admired the president’s business acumen and ran his own neighbourhood lawn-care business.

“It’s probably the biggest day of my life so far,” FX said afterwards.

He added that his day was “jam-packed” with media interviews, watering plants, mowing the lawn and visiting the Oval Office with his dad. “It was a lot bigger than I thought,” he said.


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