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Saturday’s pull-out focuses on the best of Paul Hollywood’s traditional British Baking, from Cheese and Chive Scones to Cornish Pasties and Treacle Sponge Puddings. All the recipes have been selected to be the perfect culinary warmers on winter nights, whether you are a beginner or are just looking to try something new.

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And if that wasn’t enough, Sunday’s pull-out is filled with Paul’s favourite Pies and Puds recipes to help you rekindle your affection for straightforward, delicious food.

He states: “There’s something about a deep golden home-baked pie or simple steamed pud that warms the cockles of your heart like nothing else” and we agree!

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Packed with comforting specials such as Pecan Pie, Whitby Fish Pie and Cherry Croissants this pull-out is not to be missed.

Nowadays we’re baking more than ever across the nation, so why not try these popular baking recipes brought to you by Britain’s favourite baker based on ingredients that you probably already have in the kitchen cupboard!

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Make sure to get your hands on these great Paul Hollywood pull-outs.

Pick up your Daily and Sunday Express this weekend on Saturday November 14 and Sunday November 15.


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