Free Smartphones & Tablets guide for Dummies pull-outs inside your Sunday & Daily Express | UK | News (Reports)


Sunday’s pull-out focuses on giving you the complete guide to mastering the smartphone in your pocket, from ways to have fun with Siri to making your photos fancier with filters. Whether you’re an iPhone pro or an Android amateur, this guide will help you unlock a new realm of useful features you probably never knew existed on your device!

And if that wasn’t enough, Monday’s pull-out is packed with all the information you need to become a tablet wiz.

These powerful and portable devices have several benefits which make them stand out from a regular desktop or laptop which can all be discovered within this guide.

If you’re thinking about getting a new smartphone or the latest tablet and don’t know where to start, both pull-outs will surely help to explain the benefits of upgrading your tech as well as banishing some of the confusion behind all the tech-savvy jargon

Don’t miss Smartphones for Dummies inside this weekend’s Sunday Express and Tablets for Dummies inside your Daily Express on Monday November 23.


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