Gavin Williamson skewered in Sky News BRUTAL grilling on A-level exam fiasco | UK | News (Reports)


Mr Paterson told the Education Secretary that his ignorance was not a defence for the problems that have been caused to prospective university students through the use of an algorithm to assign A-level grades. The Sky News host also rubbished Mr Williamson’s claim that he only became aware of the challenges of the algorithm this weekend. 

Mr Paterson asked: “When did you first become aware of the problems with the algorithm?”

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The Education Secretary said: “It became apparent that there were challenges within the algorithm when we saw the results directly coming out over the weekend.

“We had got concerns before, when we saw what happened in Scotland, we wanted to have a more robust system put in place.”

The Sky News journalist replied: “So this weekend? That is just not the case is it?

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“The Education Select Committee took evidence back in June about the negative effects this system would have on disadvantaged students.

“They published the report in July, saying there was a risk it would lead to unfair bias and discrimination against already disadvantaged groups.

“There was modelling showing 40 percent of A-level results would be affected by this system in a negative fashion back in July as well.

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“The idea that you were not aware of this until the weekend simply does not stand up.

“Your ignorance is not a defence here Mr Williamson, in fact it appears to be the biggest crime.”

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