Guildford LOCKDOWN: Police rush to ‘firearms incident’ – residents ‘not let in or out’ | UK | News (Reports)


Guildford Road, which leads to the roundabout with Ash Hill Road, in the town of Ash was shut off as police rushed to the Lion Brewery pub. Residents told how they were ordered to remain inside amid claims of a firearms incident. Surrey Police cofirmed they were investigating after reports of an armed robbery at the Lion Brewery pub. 

A spokesman said: “Officers are currently at the scene following reports of an armed robbery at the Lion Brewery in Ash.

“Police were called to the address in Guildford Road around 8.20am today.

“The road was closed while officers dealt with the incident but is expected to reopen shortly.”

Guildford Road was reopened just after 11am. 

A resident told how police “weren’t letting residents in or out”. 

She told Surrey Live: “I was turned around by a police car with flashing lights in Harper’s Lane.

“I went up Wyke Lane and at the junction with Guildford Road there was a lot more traffic than there is normally.

“I thought it was a car crash and asked a police officer to get around, but she said ‘it is a firearms incident and we are not letting anyone in or out’.

“When I was talking to her there was blue tape and they weren’t letting residents, or people caught in it, out.” 

Another told how he was blocked from entering Guildford Road after returning from the school run. 

He said: “I have been stuck in my car for around an hour now.

“We have been advised to sit and wait by police who say they are dealing with a firearms incident.

“Even on Guildford Road, within the blockade, there are cars that were stuck in the traffic jam. They are still in their cars and not even allowed to drive out.”

Traffic and travel service Inrix warned drivers in the area of “very slow traffic”. 

It tweeted: “A323 Guildford Road in both directions closed, very slow traffic due to police incident between B3411 Ash Hill Road and Harper’s Road.”



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