Heatwave alert: High temperatures could leave millions in the UK without drinking water | UK | News (Reports)


South East Water warned the lockdown and high temperatures have put a “strain on the country”. The company has advised people to stop overusing their hose pipes and garden sprinklers to ensure everyone can access “what they need to drink”.

The company is in charge of providing 150million litres of drinking water to UK homes.

But it has raised concerns some could be go without unless usage is cut this weekend.

Steve Andrews, head of central operations for South East Water, said: “Our water technicians have been working round the clock… but with this record amount of water being used daily it is getting harder to keep up.

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“I am now appealing to every one – households and businesses – to keep water for essential use only while the heat is on this weekend and next week.”

It comes as the country enjoys a mini heatwave over the weekend.

Temperatures were forecasted to reach 37C in some regions.

Despite many flocking to beaches and coastal areas, others stayed in, switching on their sprinklers and water hoses.

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Sprinklers can use up to 1,000 litres of water an hour, which equates to the amount of water a family of six uses in a day.

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But the temperatures should appease over the coming days as thunderstorms are set to hit the UK.

A spokesperson from the Met Office said: “Areas of thunderstorms are likely to develop over parts of the UK or nearby continent during the middle of next week, and will generally track north or north-westwards, potentially affecting all parts of the UK at some points during this period.

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“While the most intense thunderstorms, in some instances associated with large hail, will most probably be those triggered by the high temperatures of the day over England and Wales, other areas of storms producing heavy rainfall and frequent lightning could reach further north across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“These could occur at any time of the day.


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