ITV’s Robert Peston warns of vaccine blow for carers – ‘That seems unfair’ | UK | News (Reports)


The UK is currently delivering a world-beating vaccine rollout with more than 20 million adults having received their first doses. Earlier this month, the Government reached its initial target to offer a jab to the four most vulnerable groups, around 15 million people, as outlined by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

In a post on Twitter, ITV’s political editor highlighted a potential flaw in the vaccine rollout for carers put in group six.

Mr Peston wrote carers under the age of 65 may not be eligible for a vaccine if they are not providing “regular care” or receiving “carer’s allowance”.

He wrote: “Under 65s providing ‘regular care’ to an elderly or disabled person are in group 6 for vaccination, according to JCVI.

“But the 119 vaccination helpline says the vaccine is not available unless the carer is receiving carer’s allowance, which many choose not to do. This seems unfair.”

He attached an image of the guidance which read: “At the same time as the adults under 65 years with long term conditions the vaccine will be offered to: adults who provide regular care for an elderly or disabled person.

“Younger adults in long stay nursing and residential settings.”

Since February 15, people in group six – those with certain underlying health conditions and their carers – have been invited by their GP for a vaccine.

The cohort includes carers who are eligible for a carer’s allowance, or those who are the sole or primary carer of a clinically vulnerable elderly or disabled person.

“The rollout is a truly UK wide effort which is why having the support of these fantastic and trusted charities as we work to ensure everyone eligible gets their vaccine is so important.

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“I would like to thank them all for backing this life-saving campaign and offering their expertise and assistance to support the largest medical deployment in British history.”


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