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Mr Biden’s victory in the US election this month represents a seismic shift in governance set to take place once he assumes power next year. The President-elect will succeed Donald Trump, who is still challenging the election result with no success. Mr Biden has already been congratulated by Mr Johnson, who has tried to woo the Democrat. He said after the vote in the US that there is “far more that unites than divides” him and Mr Biden. However, recent comments from a former Democrat figure could suggest a different take on UK-US relations

Tommy Vietor, a former spokesman for former President Barack Obama, shocked many after he described Mr Johnson as a “shapeshifting creep” earlier this month.

He added: “I did not intend to suggest I spoke for Joe Biden, I don’t, but I stand by every word.

“We will never forget his words about Barack Obama.”

Various reports in recent months have highlighted the potential for hostility between Mr Biden and Mr Johnson.

Mr Biden used to be Mr Obama’s Vice President, and his former boss was met with controversial comments by Mr Johnson, who was London Mayor at the time.

He accused Mr Obama of having an “ancestral dislike of the British Empire”, referring to his “part-Kenyan” ancestry.

The comments were branded “idiotic” and “deeply offensive”.

They have also had a lasting effect on Democrats’ feeling towards Mr Johnson.

Sir Kim Darroch, the former UK ambassador to the US, warned last month that there may be ill-feeling between Mr Biden and Prime Minister Johnson as a result of this exchange.

He said: “I hesitate to say this, but there will be some Obama people in a Biden administration and they remember some of the things that the current Prime Minister said about Obama whether as a newspaper columnist or whether it was Mayor of London.

“I promise you there is still some resentment and unhappiness over that. I’m not sure there will be, you know, quite the warm, welcoming embrace from Mr Biden as it would from Mr Trump.”

President-elect Mr Biden has also criticised Mr Johnson for his handling of the Irish border in Brexit talks.

He warned the Prime Minister recently that peace on the island of Ireland must not become a casualty of Brexit.

Professor Stephen Burman, an expert in US politics, told before the US election that Mr Biden would look to “teach the UK a lesson” if Mr Johnson defied the Good Friday Agreement.

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He added: “The UK would be finished in their eyes, and they would take retribution potentially across a whole range of policies.

“The Government really are playing with fire here.

“The Americans will not hesitate to teach us a lesson if we don’t get the Irish border issue right.”

He also warned that the UK could be left adrift if Mr Johnson continues on his current path.

He added: “The first thing would be to trade. They’d have nothing to do with us on trade.

“Washington would possibly downgrade military and intelligence partnership, they’d just say ‘we aren’t giving you this anymore’.

“The US doesn’t have a very high estimate of British capabilities in a military setting.

“What’s left is the UK would simply be ignored.

“No trade deal, the special relationship disintegrates in front of your eyes, a Biden presidency cultivates the EU while the UK is left adrift.”


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