Johnson’s G7: after all the hype, what was actually achieved?

Johnson’s G7: after all the hype, what was actually achieved?
Johnson’s G7: after all the hype, what was actually achieved?

Boris Johnson struggled to present an agreement among Cornwall’s G7 world leaders as a breakthrough in responding to the scale of the crisis facing the world.

The final communiqué of clubs in rich countries does not include an initial schedule to eradicate coal-fired power plant emissions, providing only one billion additional vaccines to the world’s poor in the next 12 months, China We also made no new binding promises to challenge human rights abuses.

The Green Group and poverty eradication activists expressed deep disappointment at not being able to put new cash on Communique’s desire to end the pandemic, “better rebuild” and save the world from the impending climate catastrophe. ..

British officials said the mission of the G7 Summit was to set a policy roadmap rather than to make detailed, binding financial commitments that are likely to take place at the G20 or G20. United Nations Climate Change Summit In November.

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the G7 summit in 2021 “a huge failure to respect Boris Johnson’s promise to vaccinate the world, Covid kills one-third of his lives. It will only be remembered because of the unforgivable moral failure of doing so. “Every month “.. He reiterated the World Health Organization’s view that the G7 had to promise to distribute 11 billion vaccines, not just one billion. He also supported the group’s coercion. Said he was disappointed that he wasn’t Assignment of patent To increase production in Africa.

At the end of the summit, Johnson said he hopes to respond to optimistic hopes and expectations. He said, “I argue that the world rejects some of the egoist and nationalist approaches that undermine the first early response to a pandemic and leads all our economic and scientific power to the defeat of Covid. We are asking for it. “

He rejected Brown’s criticism and G7 He had set a goal of vaccination worldwide by the end of the year. He said of the 1.5 billion vaccines worldwide, 500 million were the result of the UK government’s deal with Oxford / AstraZeneca.

Joe Biden said the United States is back at the table and Washington may be able to find another billion doses next year. The fight against the pandemic “may be a long-standing project,” said the US president.

However, the One campaign said WHO and other major multilateral agencies had set clear goals for the G7 before the summit, but they were not achieved. WHO called on the weekend to vaccinate 70% of the world’s population by the next G7 summit in Germany next year. But one said the money “will only provide enough to vaccinate about 200 million people by the end of the year.” By the next G7 summit, only 10.3% of the population of low- and middle-income countries will be vaccinated by this transaction. “

Johnson was also attacked over a weak commitment to the climate crisis. The Green Group said the G7 agreed to “make a plan.” Johnson argues that the G7 has committed to a net zero emissions target by 2050 and has taken an important step towards a $ 100 billion annual commitment in climate change financing for developing countries. ..

For coal, the Communiqué recognized that continued global investment in unabated coal-fired power generation would be incompatible with keeping 1.5 ° C global heating within reach, until the end of 2021. Promised to end the new government’s direct support for international thermal coal-fired power generation.

The United States failed to secure a G7 agreement on China, but instead issued another statement on the use of forced labor in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The final communiqué referred to keeping the Taiwan Strait open and the loss of democracy in Hong Kong, “calling China to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, especially with respect to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.” Some G7 leaders, especially Angela Merkel of Germany, warned against alienating China when Beijing needed help to tackle climate change.

Biden defended his commitment. “We are competing with dictators around the world, not China itself, and whether we can compete with them in a rapidly changing world of democracy,” he said. He asked for further investigation into the cause of the pandemic, “It is important to know if this was due to a failed trial in the laboratory. We did not have access to their laboratory.”

Johnson said the official advice is that the virus is unlikely to spread from leaks in Chinese laboratories, but “anyone wise will stay open-minded about it.”

Asked about his ideological harmony with Donald Trump rather than Biden, Johnson said there are ideological similarities between the level-up plan and the Democratic Party’s US infrastructure program.

The summit at Carvis Bay in Cornwall is more than a collective resumption of multilateralism, a resurgence of face-to-face diplomacy after a nearly two-year hiatus, and a departure from Trump’s chaotic style that effectively brought about the G7. You probably won’t remember that commitment. Stop.

Chancellor Merkel praised Biden, saying it has given new momentum to the G7’s efforts to tackle global challenges.

“The world is no longer in trouble because Joe Biden was elected president of the United States,” she told reporters. “But we can work on solving these problems with new momentum, and I think it’s great that we’ve become more specific with this G7.”


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