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Joe Biden inauguration: Kamala Harris sworn into office

There has been speculation that the Duchess of Sussex may be wading into US politics, but she has so far stopped short of any directly partisan comments. While stepping down as a senior royal means she can express herself more politically, there are still limits, as she retains her Duchess title and HRH status ‒ although the latter should not be used commercially. During the US election, Meghan and Harry encouraged citizens to vote, while openly opposing “misinformation” and “hate” online, which many interpreted as being anti-Donald Trump comments.

Buckingham Palace pointedly distanced themselves from the Sussexes’ TIME video and an insider suggested Harry had “crossed the line”.

Meghan chose not to congratulate Vice President Kamala Harris on her win in the election, although it is clear that the two women admire each other.

In her interview with Gloria Steinem, Meghan strongly hinted at her support for Ms Harris, saying the “representation” of people of colour in politics “excited” her.

Meanwhile, Ms Harris has made comments in admiration and solitary with the Duchess.

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kamala harris meghan markle

Kamala Harris may appear on Meghan and Harry’s podcast (Image: Getty & YouTube)

joe biden kamala harris

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the new President and Vice President (Image: GETTY)

When Meghan spoke to ITV in 2019 about her struggles with dealing with negative press during her pregnancy, Ms Harris tweeted: “This is incredibly important.

“We must remember that it’s a sign of strength to show emotion. Meghan, we are with you.”

In June 2020, she welcomed Meghan’s video message about racism, approving of her statement that “the only wrong thing to say is nothing”.

Ms Harris wrote: “Thank you, Meghan, for this powerful statement.”

meghan markle

Meghan said “the only wrong thing to say is nothing at all” (Image: YouTube (CTV News))

On the face of it, both of them are ambitious, intelligent, mixed-race, Californian women with a clear history of supporting the Democrats.

When Ms Harris won the election with Joe Biden, popular friends of Meghan’s including Oprah Winfrey and Priyanka Chopra congratulated her, but Meghan did not do so ‒ publicly, at least.

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However, Rosa Silverman wrote in the Telegraph that there may be plans for collaboration on the horizon, such as a podcast.

One source told her: “I think there’s a real feeling of solidarity between the two women.”

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Kamala harris

Kamala Harris swearing in members of Congress (Image: GETTY)

She added that Ms Harris is a serious politician and not usually one who chooses to rub shoulders with celebrities too often.

The source said: “I don’t think she’s interested in popular game-playing,” but added that the opportunity to work with Meghan might be too good to pass up.

Ms Silverman suggested a podcast might be the answer.

She wrote: “Why this could work: It would serve as a one-off collaboration to discuss and promote some shared aims and interests before Harris becomes too busy to enter into such enterprises with figures like Meghan.

Meghan and Harry sing together in Archewell Audio trailer

“What not to expect: A whole podcast series, with loads of unscripted jokes.”

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These comments were made several weeks before the Sussexes announced their Archewell Audio brand.

They have struck up a deal with Spotify estimated to be worth over $30million (£22million).

They released their first episode, a Holiday Special, in December, which featured numerous celebrities ‒ some friends, some strangers to the couple ‒ to talk about how they found 2020 and what they learned from it.

prince harry joe biden

Prince Harry and Joe Biden have met multiple times (Image: GETTY)

Some of the big names included James Cordon, Sir Elton John, Priyanka Chopra and George The Poet.

This indicates that they are keen to get these big names onto their show.

Other ways in which they could collaborate, Ms Silverman posed, is a sit-down interview, work that falls under “fighting for gender and racial equality” or work to do with their campaign against online hate and misinformation.

All these would allow Meghan to be on the edges of politics, while not requiring her to explicitly support one party.


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