Kate Middleton and Prince William may have to rethink Christmas plans after tour backlash | Royal | News (Reports)


Kate and Prince William were hit with criticism this week after embarking on a three-day tour of the UK to thank key workers during the coronavirus pandemic. They travelled 1,250 miles across England, Scotland and Wales on board the Royal Train. The pair came under fire for “setting a bad example” by travelling during the pandemic and costing the taxpayers more than £20,000.

Molly Mulshine and Christina Garibaldi, from the Royally Us show, said that the backlash may have prompted a dramatic rethink on the pair’s Christmas plans.

The two royal experts said that the recent backlash against the couple may mean that the Royal Family rethinks travelling during Christmas.

Ms Mulshine said: “It’s really hard to say especially because Will and Kate went around the country on the train, which actually isn’t really part of the guidelines right now.

“You’re not really supposed to be traveling and some of the government officials in Scotland and Wales were speaking out about that and saying that they were not really supportive of it.”

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She added: “So, I think they’re going to probably play it even safer for Christmas because they’re not going to want any sort of backlash like that again.”

Ms Garibaldi noted that this Christmas will “look a little different,” adding that “this is the first time in 33 years that the Queen is going to be spending Christmas at Windsor”.

ET Canada contributor Kathleen Newman-Bremang echoed this earlier this week, saying: “Insensitive is maybe not the right word. Tone-deaf I saw in a lot of headlines, that to me sums it up.

“They’re saying this tour is supposed to be a morale booster for the frontline workers.

Anti-monarchy campaign group Republic hit out at the royal couple’s tour which is funded by taxpayers and cost £22,680 for a similar journey in June 2019.

Graham Smith, chief executive of Republic, told Newsweek: “Why are they taking the train?

“It’s just a slightly ridiculous mode of transport to have their own train in the first place.

“They could have gone up by car or taken a scheduled train which would have cost a fraction of that.

“They didn’t need to go at all. Whether there is a technical breach of the law or not, I think there is a breach of the spirit of the law.”

Royal sources earlier said Kate and William’s trip was permitted under the work purposes exemption.


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