Kate Middleton and Prince William told to strip their children of Royal Family titles | Royal | News (Reports)


Graham Smith told Express.co.uk that Royal Family titles are meaningless and just for pantomime. Republic campaign for the abolishment of the monarchy and for Queen Elizabeth II to be replaced an elected, democratic head of state. 

Mr Smith said: “I think there is an opportunity here to stop the ever-increasing size of the Royal Family and to say you do not need these ridiculous titles.

“The titles are meaningless anyway, your highness, I do not know what that is supposed to mean.  

“I also think they are a relatively new invention, it is just pantomime and status.

“William and Kate want their kids to have that status, I just think it is all a bit ridiculous really.

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“I think there is an opportunity to say we do not need to keep handing out these titles.

“William’s children can go off and do what they want to do, they are going to be well into their adulthood by the time their dad dies and George has the chance to be King.

“They should just be left to lead their own lives in privacy and enjoy themselves as private citizens.”  

The Republic CEO also told the Duke and Duchess of Cambirdge to go off and earn their own income. 

The Republic CEO added: “The monarchy in general costs a lot more than the royal household admits to, it is about £345million from the taxpayer every year.

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“It needs to be stripped right back.

“The monarchy is there to give us one person and that is the head of state, the Queen.

“The Queen should therefore be on an annual salary similar to that of the Prime Minister.”


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