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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have stepped up their appearances in recent months in light of the ongoing lockdown and the Sussexes’ departure from the royal frontline. Focusing on her favourite hobby of photography, Kate launched the ‘Hold Still’ community project earlier this year, where she helped experts choose the top 100 portraits which represented the UK during the peak of the pandemic. As an amateur photographer herself and patron of the National Portrait Gallery, it was no surprise to royal watchers when she then revealed that she would be announcing the winning recipient of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition this week.

In a short clip released on the Cambridges’ Instagram, @kensingtonroyal, Kate wore a sleek, all-black suit to drum up some excitement for the awards.

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Her outfit consisted of a structured blazer and black trousers designed by Alexander McQueen, which she partnered with pearl earrings.

This ensemble was a stark contrast to her usually colourful attire, and the Duchess has rarely been seen dressed completely in black — unlike her sister-in-law.

Back in 2018, Cosmopolitan pointed out: “While Kate, as per the Queen’s own favoured styles, likes to colour-block her looks in an array of hues from yellow to pink, blue to red, Meghan has a much more subdued wardrobe.”

Black is rarely worn by members of the Royal Family because it is considered to be too sombre for a day-time event and a colour associated with mourning.

The royals can all be seen wearing black for occasions such as the annual Remembrance Day service, and very occasionally they don the dark colour for evening events.

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All members of the Royal Family take one black outfit when on tour as well, just in case tragedy strikes while they are away from home.

The Queen makes sure she always wears an eye-popping colour so that she stands out from the crowd.

However, Meghan has never been afraid to wear black.

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Speaking in 2018, colour psychologist Karen Haller told Fabulous Online that there may be a particular reason for this.

She said: “Whilst black has many different traits, looking at these specific events she attended they all have one thing in common.

“The occasions when she is choosing to wear black suggest she isn’t seeking to be the centre of attention.

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“She is OK with being in the background.

“Black is her way to deflect attention off herself and onto the causes she is supporting — putting them in the spotlight.”

However, when carrying out her final royal engagements in March, Meghan stepped outside her comfort zone and chose to wear vibrant colours — meaning all eyes were on her and her colourful ensembles.

Kate in the past has also worn black tights to daytime engagements, despite royal guidelines supposedly suggesting women wear skin-coloured tights only.

It must be noted that, while there are plenty of Palace guidelines on what the royals should wear, they are reportedly still free to choose their own outfit as only as it is appropriate for the event.


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