Kate Middleton news: Duchess and William’s are ‘a picture of rapport’ | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge’s motions are like “poetry in motion,” according to body language expert Louise Mahler. The leadership influencer told Now to Love the royal couple’s movements show they are very much in love.

Commenting on their body language, the body expert said: ”Are they the most professional couple on the planet?

“He would kill for her and she worships him. Seriously, you cannot fault these two.”

Pointing out the Cambridge’s synchronicity, Ms Mahler added: ”They lean together, they smile together.

“If he has his arm around her, she has hers around him. If he is leaning in, she is leaning in.

“If he is smiling, she is smiling. It is a picture of rapport.”

Speaking to Express.co.uk, body language Judi James echoed similar remarks about the royal couple and their relationship based on their movements when they re together.

Ms James, author of ‘The Body Language Bible’, said the pair have shown their genuine “friendship and affection”.

She added: “Kate looks authentically happy and even healthy.

“Their ‘pinging’ smiles and laughter suggest they feed off one another in terms of both support and fun.”

Kate first started attending royal engagements on her own just six months after marrying Prince William.

However, her confidence has enjoyed a boost when carrying out royal duties which could reflect how she has changed, Ms James pointed out.

The author added: “Kate seems to have moved out of the ‘royal wife’ role and looked happier appearing as an individual appearing as herself.

“Kate’s confidence signals have grown since the birth of Louis. Now she appears to be slightly in the lead, taking cheers from crowds in her own right.”


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