Kate Middleton news: Duchess ‘in her element’ after Queen gave permission to move location | Royal | News (Reports)


During the Royally Obsessed podcast, Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie discussed the Duchess of Cambridge’s latest royal engagement over Zoom. Ms Fiorito also hailed Kate and Prince William’s adjustment to conducting royal engagements over Zoom, labelling their transition as exemplary.

Ms Bowie said: “The way she was sitting, leaning into the camera a lot more, it was almost like she was closer to the camera than before.

“For some reason that made it feel like you were talking to her.

“Even seeing it on social media the way she is leaning in is like she listening to what you’re saying.

“I think that makes such a difference.”

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Ms Fiorito replied: “I think what was also interesting was the location, they got permission from the Queen to record this Zoom from Sandringham.

“They seem to now have a working office.

“I wonder if the distance from the kids allows her to focus much more.

“I want to be clear that her and William have been exemplary in how they have handled Zoom.

Ms Fiorito stated that she was scared when she saw bands playing at the engagements due to the level of “spit flying” as they played their instruments – amid the Covid pandemic. 

She said: “I know there is a lot of criticism towards the Cambridges on this just in terms of the stage of the lockdown.

“But I think that their role is to uplift the country and so seeing that I think they did it in a way that felt pretty safe watching it.

“I didn’t feel as scared except when we saw the band, then I was like ‘a lot of spit is flying’.”


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