Kate Middleton shares ‘delight’ at students’ rainbows of kindness in letter to school | Royal | News (Reports)


Kate suprised Snettisham Primary School with a touching letter thanking them for their inspirational messages. The school revealed it had received a letter addressed to “All the Children” earlier today.

The school wrote on its Twitter account: “So excited to get a reply from Kensington Palace after we sent rainbow messages to the Duchess of Cambridge after her assembly on kindness. 

“It had such impact on us. Cant wait to show the children at SPS thank you!”  

As revealed by the Norfolk school, the Duchess of Cambridge was sent drawing of rainbows by pupils after she urged people to be more kind to others, especially during such trying times for families, in an assembly.  

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In June, Kate led a school assembly for Oak National Academy, an online platform with free resources for teachers and parents, attended by pupils at the Waterloo Primary Academy in Blackpool.  

Her lesson was heavily focused on the benefits of spreading kindness for everyone physical and mental wellbeing. 

Kate said: “Talking to someone, whether it’s a friend, family member, or teacher, is something you can do to make yourself feel that little bit better.

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“And you can also play your part in helping others to feel better too, whether offering a friendly ear, or helping someone in need.

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“Small acts of kindness can go such a long way.

“But as we help others, we mustn’t forget to nurture ourselves, by taking the time to focus on the things that make us feel happy too.”  

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During her sweet conversartion with children, Kate also took a look at photographs they had taken for the Hold Still photography project she had launched in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery. 


Their pictures were all based around one of the contests’ central themes, ‘Acts of Kindness’. 



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