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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, 38, commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day by reconnecting with two holocaust survivors she had previously met in 2017. The Duchess spoke to Zigi Shipper and Manfred Goldberg via video call and asked them about their experiences surviving the Nazi death camps.

Kensington Palace shared several a clip of the virtual engagement on Twitter with the message: “To mark #HolocaustMemorialDay The Duchess of Cambridge spoke with Holocaust survivors Zigi Shipper, 91, and Manfred Goldberg, 90, about their experiences and memories of the Holocaust, and of its prevailing impact.”

Kate seemed visibly moved during the call with Mr Goldberg and Mr Shipper who met in a concentration camp in 1944.

During the call, Mr Shipper said to Kate: “I was so happy, you know. I didn’t need your husband. You are the one that I wanted.”

Kate laughed: “Well Zigi I will tell him you miss him very much.”

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She added: “And he sends his regards as well, obviously….it’s lovely to see you again.”

When Mr Goldberg told Kate of how his younger brother was killed in the camps, Kate exclaimed: “Just so young, horrible.”

The Duchess added: “The stories you have shared with me, and your dedication in educating the younger generation about your experiences and the horrors of the Holocaust shows extreme strength and such bravery.”

Kate has been praised on Twitter for openly addressing one of the darkest periods in European history.

The tweet added: “On #HolocaustMemorialDay, we remember all those who died during the Holocaust and other genocides.”

According to a body language expert, the future king exhibited his “dominant” side in the powerful new video.

Analyst and author Judi James said: “In performance terms this is a unique royal space that Charles really can dominate, communicating personally in a way that his mother doesn’t and regally in a way that his sons, so far, can’t.

“There is no attempt to be casual and chatty here or to use any status-lowering techniques.”


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