‘Kate Middleton will never be Queen’ – Royal rule stops Duchess taking power from William | Royal | News (Reports)


The expert added: “This change did not, however, alter the 1937 Regency Act or its terms.”

Mr MacMarthanne claimed that while Kate may seem like the most obvious choice to rule in the event of William’s death, his younger brother Prince Harry is in fact the royal most likely to take over.

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The expert added: “Therefore, in the event of Prince William having become king, and dying before Prince George had reached his majority, and there having been no further provisions passed by Parliament – such as in 1953, then the rather anomalous position would arise, given present circumstances, whereby Prince Harry, as next in line who had attained a majority, would become Regent.

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“Only if Parliament provided otherwise could the now Dowager Queen Catherine become Regent, or Prince Harry be excluded.”


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