Kate Middleton’s brother James shares heartwarming update after lockdown delayed wedding | Royal | News (Reports)


After launching the company, Mr Middleton said he had the breakthrough idea for it in therapy.

He said: “I remember sitting in the therapists chair with Ella by my side having taken a leave of absence from my company Boomf to focus on my clinical depression, with tears in my eyes I said ‘what am I going to do next’.

“I had zero confidence & I felt like a complete failure – the Therapist said, ‘do something you love – you love your dogs and have so much confidence around them so why not try and include them in your next venture’, and so the journey of Ella & Co begins.”

He also said on the company’s website: “A few years back, my dogs helped pull me out of a really difficult battle with depression.

“When I reached the other side, I set out on a mission to make their lives just as happy and as healthy as they’ve made mine, starting with the food they eat.”

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