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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge has grown confident in her role as future Queen Consort and has slowly built up an image as a soft-spoken yet committed advocate for all the causes she is known to support. Italian royal correspondent Antonio Caprarica suggested the Duchess of Cambridge has been mimicking her predecessor, the Queen Mother, to ensure she becomes a focal point for the Royal Family and the public. Speaking to Tv2000, Mr Caprarica said: “Kate reminds me a lot of the Queen Mother, Elizabeth’s mother, who left this world at 101.

The Queen Mother was the key element in the rescue operation of the monarchy after the abdication crisis.

“It was she who gave substance, strength and sustained in front of the public a husband who was deeply insecure and stammering.

“Much of the naturalness with which the Queen Mother addressed the public was the result, as she herself told in her diaries and her memoirs, of so much study, application, planning.”

The Queen Mother played a crucial role in helping establish her husband, the former Duke of York, as the new king of the UK following the shocking abdication of Edward VIII in 1937.

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Because of her deep commitment to the Royal Family and the strong relationship she shared with the public, the Queen Mother was even branded “the most dangerous woman in Europe” by Adolf Hitler during World War II.

While fortunately Kate has not had to steer the nation through a conflict, she played a central role in helping boost morale during the lockdown and supported the Queen by continuing to carry out her engagements online while Her Majesty was forced to clear her schedule as she shielded at Windsor.

Mr Caprarica continued: “Now, in Kate’s case, Kate belongs to a different era, an era in which the mass media govern the functioning of the collective imagination.

“For her, it is more natural to be liked but there is no doubt that Kate also puts a lot of study and application into her ability to fascinate the masses. 

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“Like Philip, she’s able to know her role as a supportive actor, she never tries to outshine William.”

Ms Hill claimed the Duchess of Cambridge has shown she can play her role while ensuring the attention remains focussed on the Duke much like the Duke of Edinburgh always did with Her Majesty.

She added: “You can see when they’re on an outing together, she lets him take the lead.

“He is the future king, she knows part of her role as future queen is to support him as a future monarch.

“But she has a lot to say herself and she’s really coming to her own in the past few years especially, giving speeches and setting out new projects and platforms for herself. It is a great partnership.”


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