Kate sparks frenzy as Duchess of Cambridge ‘makes student late’ for university lecture | Royal | News (Reports)


Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, met first-year students at the University of Derby to speak to them about the impact of coronavirus at universities. Despite the heartwarming gesture, one student was left stunned suggesting she was made late to her lecture because of the Duchess’ shock appearance. Twitter user Chiedza_Mutasa posted a video to her followers showing the moment Kate arrived at the University.

She captioned the video: “Duchess of Cambridge made me late for my lecture”.

She later added: “It wasn’t until halfway through my lecture when I finally got to explain why I was late.

“My lecturer wasn’t even aware she was here.”

Many royal fans replied to the video noting how lucky the student was to see the Duchess up close.

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Some joked it was a valid excuse to be a few minutes late if a member of the Royal Family makes an appearance.

While visiting, the Duchess of Cambridge was particularly interested in hearing about what impact COVID-19 and the restrictions in place are having on students living far from their homes.

Two students, Husna Hanif and Laura Oliver, told Kate they had “kept busy” during lockdown, adding it was “hard not seeing friends”.

Kate enquired about the support students are receiving at university, and said it was “great to hear” from Ms Oliver there has been “so much support” available.

Hearing from them how sports is beneficial to their mental health, especially during the pandemic, Kate asked: “Is it really weird not being in lectures?”

One student said they were enjoying the change, but added it was “difficult not learning face-to-face”.

The Duchess replied: “You’re doing very well.” 

Kate’s visit had not been previously announced to the public to avoid creating mass gatherings.  


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