‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Drags Donald Trump And Louie Gohmert’s “Reckless Indifference” Of Coronavirus – (Reports)

‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Drags Donald Trump And Louie Gohmert’s “Reckless Indifference” Of Coronavirus

As we enter another month of the global pandemic in the United States, John Oliver is not mincing any words when it comes to the many people in country and their blatant disregard of COVID-19.  As opposed to other countries, it seems like there is an unnecessary amount of people in the U.S. who are acting like the coronavirus does not exist while many are adhering to guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus so that we can inch closer to some semblance of normality — whatever that may be.

At the top the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the fearless and outspoken host recaps the recent thoughtless mass gathering that have happened around the country as the U.S. has hit 150,000 deaths due to the coronavirus. There was a Chainsmokers concert in the Hamptons on the East Coast which featured a performance by Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon — who goes by the name DJ D-Sol (this is not a joke). However, organizers claimed they followed CDC guidelines.

In New Jersey, there was AirBnB party that included 700 people. The irresponsible party was immediately put on blast by Governor Phil Murphy who unofficially inducted the partygoers into the “Knucklehead Hall of Fame”.

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“Recklessness is abounding right now, heightening the need for strong leadership but unfortunately, we’re getting the exact opposite of that,” Oliver pointed out. “Just a week after Trump was given credit for shifting his rhetoric by urging Americans to wear masks, he did something that, even for him was shockingly reckless.”

Trump used his Twitter account to spread misinformation, tweeting a video of a doctor by the name of Stella Immanuel who denounced the use of masks and promoted hydroxychloroquine. The doctor was licensed to practice last practice in November and has a history of outrageous statements. For instance, she said that health problems are caused by demons, claimed alien DNA is being used in medical treatment, said the government is run by reptilians and that scientists are developing a vaccine to prevent people from being religious.

Yes, her comments are wildly irresponsible, but when Trump was asked about her, he refused to back down and called her “impressive.” 

“I don’t know which country she comes from, but she said that she’s had tremendous success with hundreds of different patients,” said Trump during a press conference. “I thought her voice was an important voice — but I know nothing about her.”

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Oliver immediately burned those sentiments. “That is not the philosophy you want when vetting medical experts,” he said. “Downplaying the risks of this have dire consequences.”

He continued, “On Thursday, Herman Cain died about six weeks after attending a trump rally in Tulsa where he was photographed without a mask and later tweeted the ‘people are fed up’ with being made to wear them and this, sadly, won’t be the last time when we see people find out the hard way how serious this is.”

Oliver then shifted to Texas congressman Louie Gohmert who was seen maskless walking next to Bill Barr when he found out he tested positive for COVID-19. According to a report, Gohmert didn’t isolate himself. Instead, he returned to his office to tell his staff in person that he tested positive.

Oliver joked that they could just have someone like actor Steve Guttenberg tell them the news via the popular app Cameo. The host then cut to a video Guttenberg telling Gohmert’s staff that the congressman tested positive for COVID-19.

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Gohmert has since said he told his staff over the phone and only then did he show up to his office wearing a mask.

“Showing up in person at all is still the level of cluelessness that you kind of expect coming from a guy who always looks like he hasn’t yet realized his toupee blew off,” Oliver quipped before cutting to a clip of a report that one of Gohmert’s aides said that people on his staff were berated for wearing masks. Gohmert disputes that claim.

“Nobody should be berated for wearing a mask unless of course, it’s hanging below their chin which is a bit like putting a diaper around baby’s ankles,” said Oliver.

“This reckless indifference… is costing people their lives,” said Oliver, referring to the Chainsmokers concert attendees, New Jersey partygoers, Trump and Gohmert as idiots. “It’s past time we start protecting each other and taking this seriously because thanks to these guys, the knucklehead hall of fame is getting pretty f****** crowded.”

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